Virgin Mary

Acknowledgement and Revival of Yoni Consciousness in Christendom



Take the yoni as a symbol, like the cross in relation to the crucifix, free of the presence of the body with it, essentially the image of the virgin with the elements of the body removed, leaving only the surrounding halo, the lines of the clothing. Is there a case for such a symbol in Christianity? There already is such a symbol, but with the body of Mary superposed and ensconced within it. The desire here is for a wholly abstracted one, but recognizable in its features.

The Yonis That Saved Christendom

There are quite a few Virgins out there, but the focus of this series is Our Lady of Guadalupe in Her incarnations, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Extremadura and Our Lady of Guadalupe - Tepeyac with more emphasis on Her Mexican incarnation, the better known one.


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