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A Wild Wild Harinama after the Paris Ratha-Yatra

Submitted by afrocentric on Sun, 22/05/2016 - 11:22

Here it is - A Wild Wild Harinama after the Paris Ratha-Yatra. I agree there is only a single Wild in the title but I had to add an extra one.

I have been longing for good pictures of one of my favourite Crushes of the Month, and who would believe it, there is a God after all. And what's even better is that it's a video, an even more magnificent one, with lots of snapshots to choose from. Here is Mangala-Vati in glorious technicolor, with her dazzling presence and beauty leading a troupe of Krishna devotees of Krishna right across Paris, showering her inhabitants with the presence and blessings of Lord Krishna, wherever she goes, on whoever she glances at. What greater sight could a crypto Hari Krishna devotee wish for, other than the presence of Lord Krishna himself? Just see her in this glorious video. With more women like Mangala-Vati so many people would join the Nation of Hari, leading it to achieve total world domination and thus save it from militant Mohammedanism.


Europe needs a queen, a true queen like Mangala-Vati, what with Mohammedan invasions, gay marriages and what-nots. Consider my most gracious Queen Lizzie, Elizabeth. Her realms and those of Her extended family are being flooded by people of a faith, who not content to settle here peacefully, challenge Christianity, who aim to convert Her realms to those of the Mohammedan empires. What is even more worrying is this business of gay marriage within the walls of the Church!!.

The leftist multicultural advocate would not insist that a Jewish community centre submit to having pork to be cooked on their premises, nor likewise a Muslim community centre. They would not insist that a Hindu temple submit to having beef in their temple, but they expect a Christian priest to perform marriage rites for a gay couple within the walls of a church when they Bible labels it clearly as an abomination, fully knowing that the couple are going to consummate their relationship the very same night, if they haven't already consummated it. It the states some churches are being threatened with financial penalties if they refuse to engage in these practices. In Sweden it is already permitted, or should that be Denmark? This is insane.

The predecessors of Europe's current monarchs and nobility fought for years to prevent their realms from coming under the yoke of Mohammedan rule, and the present generations are sworn to defend the Christian faith in their realms, so why permit this? Are oaths taken by Christians before their God not binding? You are not talking about the everyday Christian here, but monarchs and nobility whose very authority is supposed to be grounded in and legitimized by their commitment to protect and serve the Christian faith. What happened to Fidei Defensor, or as it may be in this case Fidei Defensatrix? My knowledge of the law and constitutional principles may be lacking, or perhaps they are being misled by their down low ministers, but there must be something awry here.


This business bothers me so much that I have forgotten about Mangala-Vati. If there was ever a queen who could outshine Eleanor of Aquitaine in beauty, it has to Mangala-Vati, or should that be Isabelle, Queen Isabelle. A picture is worth a thousand a words, and a picture of Isabelle is worth a thousand suns.


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