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I have a deep sincere confession to make. A fair amount of the stuff on this website is mostly tosh, sad part is I don't know which. It could be 30%, 50%,70%?

I really don't know - but I just have to get my thoughts and ideas out. If I am lucky someone will come along and set me right, if I am wrong I will just have to live with my illusions. It is said that empty barrels make the most noise, the problem is if you don't make noise, there is little chance of any one coming along and introducing you to the good stuff. So here goes.

This is also a place where I record of my thoughts or perhaps illusions for future reference. I have considered the idea of making some of it private. There is a lot of stuff here I took offline, but I plan to bring it all back, after weeding out some the less relevant. What is the point of keeping most of it private, if whatever is good there won't be available to others?

Some of this stuff might be useful to others, on the other hand some of it may be wrong and downright misleading, you have all been warned.

As the internet expression goes, YMMV

and don't forget Dr Stone's immortal words

"You're the authority"

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