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Krishna and Envy

Submitted by blogmeister on Sun, 25/10/2009 - 12:55

I have been thinking, perhaps Krishna is a myth and has never existed at all. There is no Krishna and there has never been any Krishna. There is only Brahman. Brahman is what we worship.

The sages and seers of ancient India wanted to express their thoughts about the nature of human consciousness, so they came up with a story with a boy named Krishna as the central character in that story.
You know, everything is Brahman, the thoughts of those sages were Brahman then, and they are Brahman to us now. The story itself is Brahman, all the character roles in the story are also Brahman. The nature of human consciousness is also Brahman.

Therefore when we worship Krishna, we are worshiping Brahman in the form of a character role played by Krishna in a story about human consciousness, both the story and human consciousness itself being also Brahman.

When we worship Krishna, in truth we worship a character role in a story about the nature of human consciousness.

Why should any rational person envy the worship of a story and its main character role? They are both Brahman and the both worthy of worship.

I am baffled.

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