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On the design, simulation, and creation, of mind

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Fri, 19/05/2017 - 19:00

Let us assume that our thoughts and feelings are actually creations, that they are not mere side effects of the interaction between physical matter and the mind/brain. In effect God in Her mind fashions our thoughts and emotions. They are tangible/material elements to Her which She fashions or forms in our consciousness. She has her CAD workstation constituted of Her mind, where She forms these thoughts before putting them into production. Assuming that She simulates a thought or a condition of mind in that workstation, does that mind come into existence? Every thought or experience is formed on the substrate of an observer and an identity. There has to be a witness, against which that thought becomes manifest.

Does this mean that when that impression is fashioned in that workstation the underlying observer comes into existence? Not only that there is also the sense of uniqueness of identity when an impression is formed. Does that simulated consciousness have a unique sense of an identity, an own name within that simulation, even a personal unique life history? After all if perceptions are creations then memories themselves must be creations, including the awareness of a distinction between a current event and a memory of an event.

What this means is that prior to the actual creation of the physical world in which a body gets animated by a consciousness, an I identity exists, the backdrop to every thought, every experience. But if the physical world for the soul, the identity, has not been created then who is the I in the thoughts in that uncreated world? There is only one person in that world under design and that it is God Herself, so is She the true identity behind the created identity that occurs in the design?

Now being as the mind cannot distinguish between events of the simulated world and the real world, how can the observer when it arises tell whether its I arises as an aspect of God's being within the simulation, or its I arises in the real world, apparently separate from God but within Her creation?

Take your own self as an example. In reading this article how do you know whether on one hand you are in the real physical created world, or on the other hand, whether you are God's transmuted identity in Her design phase and neither you nor your world have been created yet? Since in the design stage only God exists, you are God in her design phase, and the identity you are now, is what you, God yourself, has created, and you are experiencing a mind, being a mind of your own creation in its created yet uncreated state, yet still being yourself, probably looking at it from the outside in from some vantage point.

On a side note, are you ever likely to emulate ruminations of the kind we are having now on your CAD workstation? Would you, could you? Could they ever arise by design or by accident?

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