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On the Material Energies of the Lord

Submitted by afrocentric on Sat, 20/12/2014 - 13:15

Virgin of Loreto, Rimov

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A note on the absence of a black Madonna in the practice of Christianity among Africans and the African Diaspora.The spiritual concepts which are being noted here concerning the formulation of Christianity presented to Black people in relation to a Black Mother are: Divinity, Adoration, Veneration and Appreciation. That is the right word, formulation. Some of the forms of this kind of worship in current times are Mary and Jesus in Christianity, and Yashoda and Krishna among Hindus. They embody the notion of the material world as an expression a female energy, and a form of maternal ancestor spirit worship. The Great Sphinx is one of the notable examples.

A female child is born with a fully functional set of ova even though it will not until she becomes a teenager that she becomes capable of producing her own children*. The point being made here is that the black female child you see is a sample of living cellular matter which has been alive for over millions of years. Just because it emerges from its incubator and travels somewhere to thrive and propagate doesn't mean it is a different person or energy. It is still the same energy. The external male seed enables its offspring to adapt and evolve faster than mutations or parthogenesis alone can.

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Young Caring Mother

What you see as the girl is an expression, a form of what some Hindu theologians call the material energy of the Lord. Note that the mater in material is the same mater that the Latin mater for mother comes from, hence words like matrix, matriarch, matrimony, etc, even the everyday word matter. Note that gender roles don't apply here. The material world is female by nature, hence material

You, ie your person and that of your family are constructed out of this material energy, primarily that of your mother. It is that energy that sustains you and builds you in your mother's womb and constitutes and is translated by your consciousness into the image of your physical form and spiritual energy that constitutes your psyche and your intellect, and on a wider scale the living planet itself.

Adoration, veneration and appreciation strengthen, repair and renew this material energy. This adoration, veneration and appreciation works through projection and association. What a person projects onto a Black Madonna, they automatically project onto the black females in their family automatically once they are out of the church or their shrine. The see the divine within a Black Madonna and Jesus and the moment they see their black relatives the feelings and the positive reverent energy get's transferred to them. Father, mother uncles etc all being the manifestation of the divine.

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What a white Madonna and Jesus do is essentially to break that cycle of repair and renewal among black people. That sense of adoration, veneration and appreciation is automatically switched off among black people. It doesn't mean people don't honour their parents and family, but the sense of divinity being their own family, extended family and tribe is broken. The divinity is turned away from black people and projected onto white people. The rectangular frame that holds images of Madonna and Jesus is basically the "Box of Good". It is like a container in a Venn Diagram. As a black person does not appear in the box, apparently not worthy enough to appear in it, black people are "Not In the Box of Good", which in a Boolean value system equates to "bad".
In effect we become unworthy of adoration, veneration and appreciation. We do not repair, renew and refresh our material energy.

That is why it is easy for black youth to regard our females as hoes and bitches whatnots, and results in the development of misogynist rap culture, because their sense of divinity is not projected onto themselves. And since they don't like white people as well, there is no real sense of adoration, veneration and appreciation within the culture itself. ie, the people become ingrates. Even if a person is not religious, they learn to respect their race because the personas given the most respect by their race are their own kind.

When President Obama, the most powerful Black person in the world, who is expected to express some moral leadership and core social and cultural ideals for Black people, celebrates misogynist lowlives like Jay-Z, Dr Dre and tart-emulating Beyonce as role models and examples of black achievement worthy of emulation you know how degenerated the intellectual and spiritual psyche of our people has become. It is a truly grim state of affairs.

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Have you noticed the way some comedians use a lot of foul language, it is because the sense of people of their race being high enough and worthy enough of not swearing in front is not established among people.
Take Eddie Griffin for instance, I have watched a few videos of him and what strikes me is his inability project an air of respect onto himself and onto his people, as though there are none worthy of addressing as "Sir" or "Guvnor" etc. It is as though he is afraid of expressing that self-assurance, dignity and being at ease in the company of others are not qualities within his race.

On my suspicion as to when some Popes, Pope Benedict among others, worships a Black Madonna. I believe the Polish Black Madonna is actually an ancestor, not just an ancestral Goddess of Polish people. Any aware black person who sees Polish women regularly will realize that they are black women. They have a strong air or vibe, something in their mannerisms or body structure which makes your realize that they are black. You can't tell exactly what it is, you can just 'notice' or 'see' it. The Pope is not just worshiping the Madonna and Christ, he is worshiping his own Polish ancestress in his own pagan way. This is very telling about the kind of mind job the formulation of Christianity propagated to African people truly is. It has gotten them to debase and undermine the honouring of their material energy, whilst the knowing Europeans honour their own pre-Christian traditions and ancestress worship within Christianity.

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Malian Wood Carving

To summarize, the formulation of Christianity presented to African's has destroyed any awareness of the notion of material energy, let alone the need to maintain it, renew and rebuild it through any form or ancestral worship, of either the living or the transitioned. All the worship energies of black people are sold by ignorant or corrupt black clergy to maintain the white material energy. Given these circumstances, it is unsurprising that black people remain in a state of relative impoverishment.

* For this reason some women have been storing the ova of their new born female relatives or even their children, that they can be used in future if they have difficulty conceiving.

Virgin of Loreto, Augustinerkirche

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