You Are What You Eat


You Are What You Eat Elsewhere I have written that choices are the food of the organic spirit. Rightmindedness is the food of your spirit just as normal vegetable or animal food is the food of your physical body. Hence the condition of your spirit hinges on the quality of the choices you make. This relates to the state of mind which determines your choices, the state of mindedness or mental focus as you carry out activities, as well the qualities of the expected and actual outcomes in carrying out those acts. All these are the nutrition and exercising of your organic spirit. Let us consider a choice in its entirety, both in its nature and its outcome. It is Christmas time there is lots of enjoyable food at hand, and you have the choice of stuffing yourself silly and resolving to lose the extra weight as part of your New Year's resolution, or you can exercise moderation and keep your body and your mind sharp. Let us consider all the cons of stuffing yourself. 1. You are going to feel excessively full - during the day and especially at night more blood flow is channeled to your digestive organs to digest the food, push it out of your bowels, and less to your brain, naturally. 2. You will gain weight which you are probably not inclined to take off soon enough. 3. An overfull stomach affects the sharpness and receptiveness of your mind, both in relation to your yogic attention, both in sleep and wakefulness and in your dreams. 4. Your yogic attention loses the benefit of the sharper mental condition within the period - the contribution that period of time could have made to your organic spirit. The benefits of yoga are cumulative and within that period you lost the value of the merit to your spiritual being which that period of time was supposed to contribute to. It is like a factory with downtime the difference being that in the case of factory it is a mere loss of profit which can be made up via overtime, can even be written off or a fall in demand could have caused no difference in over time, in the case of your spiritual being that time is lost for good. 5. In the case of yoga there are two dimensions, the conscious progress and the unconscious progress. Your conscious progress is affected by the effect your bodily condition has on your mind, as is your unconscious progress. There is also the fact that exercising conscious progress has an effect on your unconscious progress. So there are two losses to your unconscious progress. one deriving from your suboptimal mental and physical condition, but also the loss that exercising conscious progress would have helped your unconscious progress. There is also the matter of the contribution of right choice and right experience would have made to your organic spirit. 1. You quite wittingly chose the path with a possibly bad outcome. 2. You wittingly put yourself through a sub optimal choice. 3. You wittingly put yourself through a junk experience which your organic spirit had to consume 4. You did not exercise the necessary divine traits you should have 5. You did not give the Lord within the best experience. 6. You did not make your state of being the best Hari Prasad for the Lord without. 7. There is a whole load of consequential sins that went with it I don't have the opportunity to dredge up. This is expresses what is to be sought and what is to be avoided in relationship to what you eat. You are what you eat. does not apply to our physical food intake alone. It is well applicable to our the effect our living attitudes have on our spirit. A point to note here, one should not necessarily feel guilty or beat one's self around the head in the case of erroneous behaviour, witting or unwitting. Krishna is a healer, a rejuvenator and a renewer and one should have the faith to keep going as strongly as you can regardless of the past errors. You shouldn't be despondent or waste energy on guilt trips feeling that you are due some punishment or some karmic reward. Your commitment and faith should not lessen, just avoid turning faith in God's goodness into complacency and heedlessness. PS If you are going to stuff yourself silly during some celebratory season, combine it with a proper exercise regimen throughout the period, rather than resolve to correct it later, like with New Year's resolutions. If you intend to do right, why not now? Why not maintain yourself in an optimal state throught the period? You could be like the Romans - they would stuff themselves, regurgitate the food and go for additional rounds. Gross - they must have had sound constitutions. Thinking of it they were rather like wine tasters who savour the wine and spit it out afterwards in order not to get intoxicated. Sound in principle but gross in their (the Romans) case. It also establishes the principle of keeping the matter of not conflating the matter of putting oneself through an arguably desirable sensory experience with damaging or harming your being in the process. One up for the Romans on that score, Gross! all the same.