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Yuri - which life do we really prefer?

Submitted by blogmeister on Mon, 16/02/2009 - 04:18
There is a film featuring Kevin Costner entitled No Way Out. You ought to watch the film which is about a naval officer, Farell, who gets caught up in some political intrigue when the lover of senior government official gets killed. The death is blamed on a fictional Soviet spy codenamed Yuri and the hunt begins. In the end things do not work out well for both Farrell and Yuri, but definitely OK for the Soviets. Farrell tries to do the right thing, but the outcome is not what he intended and he is quite depressed by it. Yuri, also trying to do the right thing ends up in the same condition as Farrell. Which really brings us the point - is the life we are living really the one we want, even if our goals seem truly worthy? Are being pretentious, are we living an undercover life? Are our goals really compatible with our emotional wellbeing? We should be careful, less we find that there is no way out. Don't be too despondent, With Krishna, God or whatever we call Him, there is always a way out.

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