What Michael Jackson Taught Me

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Being a black bloke, and in middle age, I remember when I started going off Michael Jackson, some years after Thriller, after the Bad album came out. Even with Thriller his musical style had changed, going from the African-American soul music we expected like in Off The Wall, to a harder-edged rock, which to seemed to made for its appeal to whites. It wasn't the stuff I as a black person expected, and he has also began to appear tough, challenging and snarling and Bad in his music and videos, as the album name suggests.

Yuri - which life do we really prefer?

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There is a film featuring Kevin Costner entitled No Way Out. You ought to watch the film which is about a naval officer, Farell, who gets caught up in some political intrigue when the lover of senior government official gets killed. The death is blamed on a fictional Soviet spy codenamed Yuri and the hunt begins.


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I have a deep sincere confession to make. A fair amount of the stuff on this website is mostly tosh, sad part is I don't know which. It could be 30%, 50%,70%?

I really don't know - but I just have to get my thoughts and ideas out. If I am lucky someone will come along and set me right, if I am wrong I will just have to live with my illusions. It is said that empty barrels make the most noise, the problem is if you don't make noise, there is little chance of any one coming along and introducing you to the good stuff. So here goes.

Star Trek - The Inner Light

Star Trek - The Inner Light is one of my favourite episodes, because it is so evocative about the nature of awareness, the nature of life and consciousness itself. It is a story about Picard, who is transported not so much physically, but in terms of his whole consciousness into another life, into another place in the past in which he lives as a different person. He has a wife, he has a family, he begets a grandchild and lives a full family life.

Analytical Thought

I considered labelling this chapter as Sankhya Yoga, Jnana Yoga and other kinds of analytical names. As English is the main language here I thought I would simply call it Analytical Thought.

Yoga has its practical side and its analytical side which serve to reinforce each other. Success in Yoga needs practice and yet practice without an analytical basis is tantamount to blind rote behaviour. On the other hand an analytical basis requires new experiences based on action to be confirmed as truth, just as scientific hypotheses need practical experiments to be confirmed.