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A True Story

Is this a true story, or should it really be entitled 'A Convincing Story'?

Well - here goes.

This is a story about how God created the universe, but then somehow the universe came to be Krishna's creation. Yes this is really true. It is God who created the universe not Krishna as Krishna's devotees like to claim.

When God was creating the world, He first created two beings, Nara and Narayana, to help Him with his activities. Nara and Narayana later reincarnated as Arjuna and Krishna. We will call them Arjuna and Krishna from now on, as that is how we have come to know them.

They saw how hard God was labouring to create the world, and they realised what it would cost in time and effort for the whole universe and they felt rather guilty to see their maker labouring so hard, for their sakes and that of other beings of the future. At that time He hadn't really started with the physical creation, most of it was at the design stage and they witnessed what a titanic effort it was going to be.

Krishna asked God what He was creating, and how He intended to create it. God responded that he wanted to create living beings and give them lives, lives with consciousness, lives with which they could witness, experience and enjoy all the wonderful marvels He could conceive of. Krishna and Arjuna were amazed and wondered why a great God such as He could spend so much time and effort not just on such as themselves, but on all those yet to come. God replied that it was out of sheer love for all those beings, and that His love for them was even greater than a mother's love for her children.

Krishna and Arjuna being the ever attentive, appreciative and dutiful souls that they were felt that they couldn't just sit down idly or simply play a peripheral role while God laboured so much.

You see when God was creating the world and the beings in it, He used His own mind as a CAD station (He couldn't use a real CAD station as they hadn't been invented yet). Within the CAD station that His mind was, He was able to render with total fidelity the experiences that the living beings would experience, and more importantly He was able to conceive even more fidelity the workings of the mechanisms through which perception would be generated in the consciousness of those living beings, which included their perceptions of the workings of those mechanisms, and their reflections on those perceptions.

Krishna and Arjuna pleaded with God to show them His designs and how He planned to accomplish His aim, and God, being the kind, loving, open hearted father that He was, allowed them into His CAD station, so that they could see How everything worked right down to the last detail. He even showed them How the universe would turn out, for all beings to the end of time.

Krishna was very astute, he was a very good computer programmer (you know how good computer programmers Indians are).

He told God that He could devise a computer program that could simulate the experiences of all those living beings for all time and that if only God could allow Him the necessary resources he would be only too glad to come up with a proof of concept.

God simply laughed out loud so much that the whole universe (the little that had been created) reverberated and shook with His laughter, and the bits and pieces fell of the things that hadn't been tightened enough yet. He couldn't see how Krishna could attempt such a thing, and He went back to organising His plans.

Krishna was undaunted and he pleaded with God as He couldn't bear to see God labouring so hard for their sakes.

He hit on a brilliant idea and asked God "Dear God, if I can demonstrate what I can do, that I can even simulate the experiences of every creature you have planned for the universe, will you give me 10% of the materials you would have used? (you see Indians are savvy in economic affairs)". Of course Krishna didn't want any material reward, it was his way to get God to give the idea greater consideration.
God was amazed at Krishna's self-belief and determination, and simply laughed again (the universe shook even more) and said, "Hell, if you can do it, I will even give you the whole 100% if you want!". So God gave Krishna some materials to build his computer to run His programs.

Just a few weeks later Krishna came up with a very good working sample of the experiences in a small portion of God's universe. God was truly amazed and pleased (and secretly proud) at what Krishna had achieved, so He showed Krishna the experiences of all the creatures of this Universe and asked Krishna to implement them all in His computer which Krishna did. God was really pleased that His aim had been accomplished and ever faithful to His word, He gave Krishna 10% of all the matter and energy He would have used to create His Universe.

What happened afterwards

We really don't know what happened to God afterwards, He may have retired, He may have gone off somewhere to have a nap or a good sleep. Some people say He has gone off to create more Universes, where He plans to create more Naras and Narayanas to help with His endeavours (we suspect He will drive harder bargains with the Krishnas this time, as the computer built by Krishna cost virtually nothing). Some people say He has retreated to Mount Kailash, where He is meditating on the nature of the universe, mind and being. Some people say they simply don't know, others say He may have died (they must be really ignorant).

Reliable sources say that Krishna used some of his 10% to create a few Universes of his own, one of which has a planet named Krishnaloka where He resides. Some of them are said to be simulated, although that hasn't been confirmed. It seems that the beings in them can't tell them from real universes as the experiences are of identical fidelity.

Some people say the Universe we are living in now isn't really God's conception at all, but Krishna did it all himself and put in knowledge of his relationship with God as part of our experiences out of respect for God.

Or perhaps God never existed, that Krishna simply put in different ideas of God to enable other religions with alternate cosmogonies and ontologies to develop, knowing that He would come round later to assert the One reality himself. Of course whether this universe is real or simulated we really can't tell. Such is the fidelity of Krishna's reproductions.

Apparently Krishna plans to use all the 10% God left Him with to create the computers alone, as the resources needed to build them are negligible. The number of universes are going to virtually infinite.

There you are folks - The Story of the Universe.

God conceives the experiences, Krishna creates them, so you see - the universe is Krishna's creation after all.

IT Guys Analysis
Based on my experience, on reading this story it seems to me that the story isn't quite what it is. The amount of processing power required to simulate all the experiences of all beings for all time is truly staggering, and it is unlikely that Krishna was able to simulate even a minute fraction of the whole as part of the proof of concept.

When God showed them the experiences, the very experiences themselves were what God intended the physical world He was creating to induce. It seems to me that Krishna was smart enough to see that the experiences were already alive in God's conception. So rather than delve into the workings of the reality/perception matrix, he must have secretly taken a snapshot of God's conception when God wasn't watching. He may have gotten Arjuna to distract God's attention ( Nara too must have some role in this story).

From them on all he had to do was to add a sense of individuality, a sense of I, a sense of the ego, and ergo, the whole universe (ie) the experiences of all living beings came into existence.

Some people say that the sense of ego, the sense of I, already existed in the view God presented to Krishna, that they were already in the CAD system, and that they are sensory experiences just as the flux from the five senses are. Some say they were not present and Krishna and Arjuna must have added them themselves. There are those who believe that our sense of ego is a mirage, that it is something being played back to us just as our sensory experiences and memories are. I am not quite sure myself - I will have to get back to you with a definitive answer later.

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