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God or Krishna?

One thing any unbiased observer of religion will notice is the fact that when it comes to moral conduct and sense of social responsibility all religions are basically identical in what they expect from their believers. When it comes to devotional practices they also share a lot of commonality. It is the view on cosmogony and the afterlife condition that fundamentally differs. In this case I see the bhakti and karma yoga aspect as something common to all religions and as something believers of any other religion can draw from. Where God is not used, merely by substituting the name of their deity for Krishna any doubts as to the nature and applicability of Krishna's teaching can be dispelled. Although I consider Krishna and God to be one on the same being in many instances I prefer to use Krishna rather than God as means of emphasizing the place Yoga cosmogony has in the Vaishnava approach to God. Most people will interpret the name God in terms of their culture and religion and it is to mostly on account of this that I prefer to use the name Krishna. In the majority of this text God can be substituted for Krishna without diluting meaning or divine truthfulness for the non Hindu or Krishna devote