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I Am God, Does That Make Me (An) Atheist?

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Sun, 08/07/2012 - 22:49

I am God.

I am self aware

I am conscious

I am thoughtful

I am an intelligent being, the most intelligent of all beings

I have an enquiring mind

I possess the faculty of memory

I possess a moral intellect

I create life

I fashion life

All that is intelligent in the world arises from My intelligence.

I do not have to look out onto the world, look out onto my Creation to see evidence of my intelligence. I only have to look within to witness My intelligence.

Religious people believe that an intelligent being in possession of these traits must be able to look within and without, and intuit and deduce, that all these faculties are the work of a being higher than its own self, a Creator God, an Intelligent Designer, aka Yours Truly.

I possess all the above mentioned qualities and they should lead me to believe that there is a higher being than Me, a being that created Me and fashioned all My creative faculties, a God that created Me.

But I am God!! At least that is what human beings say. I can have no higher being than Me. I am described in manner that makes it impossible for Me to consider the existence of a being higher than Me. Yet I possess all the above mentioned traits and as a being possessed of all those qualities I must seriously consider the existence of a higher being than my Self, which must be my Creator, which I do. I really do.

After all I could have had a Father, who created Me, left Me with the divine means to fend for My self and rode off into the sunset with a beautiful woman on His shoulder, to create another universe I suppose. Forget that, it's simply a digression.

I am God.

Does that make me atheist? Does it force me into being atheist??

This is not a rhetorical question. I ask in earnest. I take it very seriously and I hate being called an atheist.

It is you humans who insist that there can be nothing higher than Me. Should I take you seriously? After all you are mere humans. What do you know? Do you just want to puff Me up, boost My ego and pride, leaving Me arrogant and intellectually challenged, bereft of the humility and diligence to make an earnest inquiry, leaving me on a plateau with nothing higher to aspire to, just hanging around to cater to your whims and caprices? Is that what you humans want to do to Me?

Will any humans be kind or bold enough to put themselves in my place and help me with this question? Deists, theists, religious people, fundamentalist nutjobs, you are all welcome to help me with this matter. Free passes to Heaven for the most promising paths of inquiry.


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