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I, Igraine

Submitted by rchurch on Sat, 12/12/2009 - 15:41

Who Is Igraine?

The initial observer that was Igraine had died years ago, so who came alive as being her, but was not her?

Whose sense of I, present and past, became her? Someone became the I of her deceased person, someone whose sense of ego pertinence, feelings, memories, thoughts, concerns, was her, yet was not her?

And if the her that she was was not her, how could the original I of her who was deceased, be sure that she had never been in the position or condition of the I that the present I was?

Whose creative power, whose life force energy, got transformed into her life force, the force of her consciousness, the I she became?

Did that one become a co-observer of the I she was? Was it ever a co-observer of the I she was? What happens after the I she was disappears, where does the I whose energy became her go?

Who was Arthur anyway, could he have been in the same position as Igraine?

And Morgause, the scheming cow?

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