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Jill Bolte Taylor - My Favourite Guru (press-ganged, of course)

Submitted by rchurch on Sat, 17/10/2009 - 13:21

I guess I can't say much about this lady, a number of you may already know about her, except that I have press-ganged her into service as my number one guru.

Whenever I listen to her I found myself along trains of thought I haven't considered before, considering her choice of words and wondering why she chose those words in particular, those phrases.

I also find myself returning to verses in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, which although I did not gloss over, whose significance I don't quite understand until I hear her repeat them in a different way.

All I can say is everyone should endeavour to listen to her regularly and repeatedly, there is always some new insight to be gained, no matter how many times one has heard or seen her videos before.

I have an earlier article introducing her - Paramatman - Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight, this one simply sums up my feelings.

Here is a set of links to her website and a number of her online interviews

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor - Her Personal Website

Her Stroke of Insight - Talk on TED 2008

Her Stroke of Insight (TED Talk) on Youtube

Her Interviews with Oprah on Oprah's Soul Series

Interview on Charlie Rose Show

Daily Motion Interview

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