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Krishna, Brahma and the Gopas

Submitted by rchurch on Sun, 13/12/2009 - 13:56

The Srimad Bhagavatam has an interesting chapter about the nature of the ego and identity, described in a story about a contest of power between Krishna and the Creator God, Brahma. There is no need to repeat it here, as you've probably read it. It is available online at a>

Krishna's ability to manifest himself in the forms of the gopas and calves is expressed. But what about the unexpressed part?

Outwardly to the parents and the cows, the boys and the calves were the same, exhibiting the same behaviour and memories.

But what of their internal views? Did the boys think and feel just as the boys abducted by Brahma? Did they have the same thoughts, memories, feelings, preferences and dislikes just as those with Brahma? Did Krishna transform His consciousness into the very thought patterns of the boys to the effect that He forgot himself as Krishna within them?

How about the calves? Did they feel just as calves abducted by Brahma, have all their memories and feelings for their mother cows just as the boys did?

Did Krishna replicate them down to the level of the mind and their emotional experience itself?

And there is this bit about Brahma that we may have overlooked.
Has Brahma's condition been ever different from that of the boys he kidnapped? Has His sense of His reality and His creation, and time, ever been different from that of the boys? Has He been subject to Krishna's illusory energy as any other being in the Universe?

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