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Mooji's Facebook - I went to ask a question on Mooji's Facebook and found this post

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Tue, 26/05/2020 - 20:02

The world is like a screening at a movie theatre which has only one spectator in the audience.

The Resurrection of I, Igraine

This theatre however is unique, because rather than viewing the film from the seats, this sole spectator views the film from the actors' mind and eyes. However these actors are different. Unlike actors in other films who understand that they are actors in the film, these actors consider the film to be real. They are so involved in the film that they consider the scenes they are filming to be their true lives, their identities in the film to be their true identities, their minds having been wiped clean of previous memories prior to playing their parts in the film.

Because the roles in the film have thoughts these actors have thoughts. The actors are so deeply involved that they consider the thoughts of the roles in the film to be their own thoughts. Yes they do! The fears, the hopes, the joys, the worries, the pains of the roles in the film are their own feelings. I'm not sure whether the thoughts arise from the nature of the roles, or the roles influence the thoughts generated. However they come about these actors consider the thoughts and feelings of the roles to be their own thoughts and feelings. The roles even seek psychotherapy within the film when these thoughts bother them, and the roles playing the parts of psychotherapists consider their career choice and the advice they offer to be their considered thoughts.
Movies and plays are also present in the film. The roles watch these movies and plays within the film, and consider them to be play while they themselves are real. Yes they do!!

Then we come to the spectator. This sole spectator is so involved with these actors in the film, these individual actors who are so involved in the individual roles they are playing that they consider the individual identity they have within the film to be their true identity. The sole spectator gets to identify with each actor in the film, and takes on the identity of the role the actor is playing, the very identity that the actor has taken having forgotten its true identity. Within each actor the sole spectator forgets its true self just as the actors who have taken the identities of the film roles have forgotten their true selves.

On our planet (whose consciousness is also one of the roles in the film) this sole spectator is viewing the film as 7 billion roles (trillions more if all self-aware/living entities are included) all with their separate I-dentities, activities and memories, going through their life deeds, experiences and observations. Some of the roles involve getting acquainted with a role known as Mooji. The roles listen to the words of the Mooji role, buy his books and visit his Facebook page. In some of the roles, the sole spectator might even come to an experience such as this, where they see themself looking at a text on a mobile phone or a computer starting like this - The world is like a screening at a movie theatre which has only one spectator in the audience. If the role begins to grasp these words they might look back and realize that the role known as Mooji has expressed the same concepts on that page here many different ways in the past, and ponder why they (the role) didn't pick on it before.

The role might wonder who this new guru is, visit his Facebook to see if there is a new path to enlightenment besides the role known as Mooji, ready to go down a new rabbit hole on their search for enlightenment.

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Having considered all this the question must be asked - within the roles does the sole spectator ever lose sight of its true nature, its original identity, or is that an illusion within the roles?

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