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On Being A God - Within The Direct Post Processing Induction

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Wed, 28/12/2016 - 02:17

(from Advaita Musings)
I was going to quote a verse from the Gita here, but I can't locate it, so I will have to add it later.

Consider the experience of a god, a deity, whatever it is, whatever it might be. If our speculations about the nature of perception such as in The Electronic Brain and Direct Post Processing Induction are true then the God, its actions and perceptions are just as illusory to it as ours are to us. Some might take offence at referencing the god with a capital G as in God, but this god must have a name, so I will call this god Deity.

Within its brain, within its Electronic Brain or its DPPI, Deity must have a fantastic sense of itself. Being able to jump over mountains, fly above the clouds, turn water into wine, single handedly defeat whole armies, and do all the kinds of stuff seen in X-Men movies. But then does the computer needed to simulate its experience in the Electronic Brain differ from that required for a human being (a human experience)? Within the DPPI does the type of energy needed to induce its perception differ from that required for a human experience, or even that of an animal?

How will it feel to be a Deity within the DPPI or the Electronic Brain, being aware of the possibility of the DPPI, being able to speculate on it just as us humans are doing now, and realize that your sense of greatness, your sense of power and autonomy is constrained by whatever the DPPI comes up with? Your sense of immortality, your sense of having lived throughout eons and your memory of those eons and your thoughts of more eons to come? How does it feel to know that your sense of millennia is an artifice created within a computer, that the simulation could be switched off, that you could wake up realizing that only a few hours had passed? And on waking up how could you be certain that you hadn't slipped into another facet of the DPPI?

Would you worry about experience of more eons passing and feeling that you are going to be in an unending long dream like the Q, one you would rather wake up from, but being locked in by the DPPI? Would you prefer to go to sleep?

If the quality of the DPPI or EB of a god's experience is no different from that of a human being, then a human being could be a god that has opted for a cut down experience, an experience with less power but with more options for self-development. Could that be the case?

Mythology is replete with stories of divine beings who opted for the human experience for one reason or the other. Some were divine beings who sinned or committed some infarction, that they would be 'condemned' to incarnate as human beings as punishment or to expiate their sins, or that incarnating as a human being would be good learning experience for them.

The personalities of the Mahabharata were all gods in a former lives whose actions required them to incarnate as human beings as punishment for the errors in their divine existences.

Adisesha incarnated as Patanjali, because he wanted to learn how to dance.

Perhaps we are all gods after all, gods who have opted for the under-powered condition of the human being, in the belief that it has more to offer than the experience of a God. After all both experiences are based on the illusions within the DPPI. We have opted for the experiences of having cute babies pat, poke and pinch us in our faces, and pull of our specs because it feels so cute. Opted for sitting down at the dinner table for lunch, going to Disneyland, experiencing the worries of having severely ill children who require us to be at the hospital at 2 am in the morning and such like. Attending weddings and funerals, clubbing, concerts and parties.

Then perhaps sitting down with Mooji or listening to Lisa Kahale that we might be enlightened, or believe that we are becoming more enlightened.

Perhaps we are almighty gods who have accepted conscious, intelligent existence as human beings as a challenge, and that through the tribulations and trials we experience we might triumph and even enhance our divinity. Perhaps that is what we truly are. The daily grind of being human may be intolerable for some of us but we must be realize who and what we are underneath all this and triumph eventually.

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