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The True Story (Revisited)

Submitted by blogmeister on Sat, 17/10/2009 - 17:55

I have been thinking about the True Story , about how Krishna concluded that it would be better to simulate creatures' experience of the world, than expending a lot of material resources creating a real physical world, with all the logistical and organizational issues of putting creatures in it.

Something had me thinking - it was God who created Krishna and gave Krishna his intelligence, creativity and discrimination. God conceived of Krishna's mind, so if Krishna could conceive of simulation, why couldn't God have conceived of it Himself?

Then again it struck me - what if God did not really create the world, but simulated it instead from the very beginning? In this case the world that Krishna and Arjuna saw must have been a simulation in itself, and their very bodies and beings must have been simulated. So when Krishna thought He was simulating the world He was really creating a simulation within a simulation, and in effect we are in a simulation within a simulation within a simulation.

This calls for some serious re-examination. I thought Krishna was really the Man, but it looks like God is really the Man.

I need to go back to the drawing board.

PS. Now that it looks like God has been in charge all along. When I refer to Krishna in the third person should I use He or Him with a capital H?

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