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Total Recall - Ego Trip

Submitted by rchurch on Wed, 04/11/2009 - 13:48

Is life an ego trip? Is it an individualized version of an ego trip of God's, or one of our own?
If we realize Total Recall what will it mean?
Who is doing the recalling, or will be doing the recalling?
Who is the real You, who are the real We?

Watch how salesman works around Arnold's financial cautiousness, or insecurities as may be the case. Are we that insecure in our own ego trip?

Bhagavad Gita 15 7- 9

 A part just of Me in the world of the living
   Becomes the individual-soul, the eternal;
 The senses, with the thought-organ as sixth,
   Which rest in material nature, it draws along.

 When he acquires a body
   And also when he departs, the Lord;
 Moves taking them along,
   As the wind odors from their home.

 Hearing, sight, and touch,
   Taste, and smell,
 Making use of these, and the thought-organ, he
   Devotes himself to the objects of sense

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